Dry Wors

Beef Dry Wors (droewors)  This South African snack is a consistent favourite. Our authentic recipe is sure to please meat-lovers with rich, savoury flavours.  Our secret combination of meats & spices gives this Dry Wors a unique flavour profile that is hard to put down. Nutritional breakdown,  41% protein & low sugars & carbohydrates offers a healthy meat snack alternative.

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What is Beef Droewors?

Droewors are thin round sausages while biltong is usually cut into thin slices from slabs of beef. Droewors are made into thin sticks as it dries a lot quicker in warm and dry conditions.

What meat is Dry Wors? 

We use 100% Beef with our unique blend of spices.

Is Dry Wors healthy?

Yes drywors is a very healthy snack, very low in fat and high in protein it gives fuel to your body and keeps you fuller for longer.